One2ten Data Insight Solutions



Data Gathering

  • Project initiation​
  • Survey scripting​
  • Distribution & fieldwork​
  • Data integration

Data Analytics

  • Data reporting​​
  • Smart analytics​​
  • Sentiment analysis

Data Recommendation & Action Planning

  • Predictive analytics ​
  • AI Backed Recommendations​
  • Case management​

Smart Survey

Good questions inform, great questions transform. With our strong belief in this statement, we co-create questionnaires with our customers.
At the start of a project, a dedicated project team:​
  • Works with your team to establish project deliverables and what business value it is supposed to deliver. We use this information to secure buy in from key stakeholders.
  • Helps you define the key drivers and underlying sentiments.​
  • Builds data models and tests survey scripts and interfaces.​

Survey Distribution

Every customer is unique, with distinct requirements. Tailor your preferred distribution routes for reaching respondent groups, whether in bulk or through individual invites. One2Ten’s invite management system empowers you to freely select and direct the appropriate set of questions to specific respondent groups during the touchpoints where feedback is sought.

Collect Data or Integrate from Existing Systems​

We execute all surveys and data interfaces. Adjustments are made on a real-time basis when necessary.

Smart survey scripting

Quick survey scripting with use of AI and extensive data base to define key drivers and underlying sentiments. We have over 500 survey templates for customer, employee and organizational experience across sectors & markets. ​

Adaptive surveys

Adaptive question scripts with advanced routing capabilities to unfold underlying reasons for a score.​

Modern user interface

Intuitive and user-friendly, the touch-and-go interface supports multiple languages. Accessible online through WhatsApp, SMS, QR Code, URL, and on-site via kiosk and tablet. Our surveys can record answers in offline mode as well.​

Fully customizable

Standard or customized surveys with questions sets specific for each stage, location or target audience segment.​

Do you already possess data you'd like us to manage and analyze? Are there historical datasets you wish to incorporate for comparative analysis in this year's dataset?​

Data Reporting​

Our dashboards are completely customized to client needs and co-created with our clients; adjusted to the complexity of the business
and sector.
Data is captured and reported real time; anytime and anywhere.
Apply filters at team, department, location, country and regional level and filter on product, client group or discipline.
Use smart analytics and geo-mapping to deepen insight. Open text analysis which includes translation engine for all languages.
Export raw and transformed data at any given time in any format (power point or pdf ) for any given interval.
Create different levels of access at individual, team and manager level.
Customisable reporting options, allowing executives and managers to generate specific data analytics.

Smart Analytics & Sentiment Analysis​

One2Ten smart analytics capabilities help you see which factors matter most to define strategy.

Importance matrix

Plot factor scores versus its importance using Pearson correlation.​

Deeper Insight

See which factors matter most, across departments and compare to initial assumptions.​

Sentiment analysis

Cut the time in analysing and categorizing open texts and quickly assess the overall tone with our AI based sentiment engine​.

Predictive Analytics and AI Backed Recommendations

Our AI backed; data driven recommendations enable you to take the right steps ​
  • Strategize – Categorize your factors according to its strategy quartile (Maintain, Improve, Promote & Prioritize).
  • Single & multiple variable regression – Use advanced embedded regression analytics to calculate factor impact.
  • Predict NPS & CSAT win – Predict  the potential ‘win’ on NPS and CSAT when increasing underlying drives’ satisfaction by 1 full point.
  • Prioritize improvements on its impact – Organize your action plans based on their impact on NPS and CSAT, utilizing AI-backed algorithms.​
  • AI powered summary reports – Consumable summary of insights that uncovers themes, pain points and recommendations to improve scores leading to overall better experiences.

Case Management​

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