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Customer Experience solutions

Get insight into what sentiments play part and why customers come back.
Drive improvement through instant and joint action planning tools and closed feedback loops.

Customers’ voice

Understand what your customers think, why they think so and when. Gain insight into what drives them towards your products and services, or what pushes them away. Be aware of customer experience across different touch points of their journey.

Whether your customer is a consumer, a patient, a student, a professional, an elderly citizen, a traveler, general public, a community or an organization. At a webinar, at an event, in office, at a shop, in a public place or anywhere.

Use action planning tools to drive improvement and engage with your customers better.

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Relational and transactional NPS

Use Net Promotor Scores to identify customers at risk. What can be done better, and what needs urgent attention to make sure your passives and detractors don’t turn away or leave negative remarks with others that hurt new and existing sales. Use ticketing follow-up tools to manage satisfaction on a transactional level directly with customers and allocate action plans to those stakeholders best fit to make a difference and turn detractors and passives to promotors.

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Market research

Looking to launch a new product, service or market? Or planning a new approach on existing ones? We help you understand what existing and potential customers think, what they expect, and what dependencies may arise for potential success.

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Customer Experience markets

One2Ten manages customer experience solutions in varied markets. Through sector and product knowledge, we have built additional skills in industrial, professional, public and health care markets.

Industrial markets

Decisions in industrial markets often involve more stakeholders and are based on rational rather than emotional reasoning. Furthermore, production processes there are longer and more complex. Therefore, measuring and improving satisfaction in industrial markets needs customized approach using sector specific customer journeys that follow their own value chain. One2Ten has developed customer satisfaction programs specific to industrial markets, researching satisfaction on the following touch points:

  • Sales approach
  • Project setup
  • Project execution
  • Delivery
  • Claim handling
  • Spare parts
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Professional markets

One2Ten offers different satisfaction programs that look at how B2B customers experience legal, accounting & advisory firms in terms of their service delivery. In addition to external customer feedback, we also provide internal feedback tools that give insight into how matters and cases have been dealt between internal stakeholders, across regions. Most important domains that make up customer experience:

  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism & knowledge
  • Pro-activeness & processing time
  • Deadline management
  • Case solving skills
  • Transparency and information completeness
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Public services

One2Ten provides feedback solutions to understand and improve customer perception in public services. We use multiple feedback tools and languages to match specific situation of varying stakeholder and respondent groups. Surveys that we deploy:

  • Service desk satisfaction
  • Information quality and completeness
  • Public transportation satisfaction
  • Building & maintenance satisfaction
  • Community support
  • Education & culture
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Health care

One2Ten provides a multiple of feedback solutions in health care markets that consider more than only the patient itself. One2Ten has been appointed by Dutch state as one of four providers in their Quality Improvement Program for Aged Care in The Netherlands. Our main solutions:

  • Patient journey, wellbeing & positive health
  • Care giver wellbeing
  • 1st & 2nd line healthcare satisfaction
  • Youth care
  • Medical supplier satisfaction
  • Aged care quality monitor
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Employee Experience

Measure and improve the working experience of your employees.
Not once every two years, but real time and on a continuous basis.

Employee engagement

Employees who are engaged in their work are more likely to be motivated and remain committed to their employer. At One2Ten we deliver varying employee engagement surveys that touch upon items like communication, cooperation, work ethics, team spirit, working condition and remuneration topics. Discuss outcomes at manager and team level and implement action plans to steer engagement.

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360° feedback

Give and request feedback from individuals, peers, managers and external clients to understand skillsets at individual, team, leadership and enterprise level. Set your own topics or let us help you chose. Use easy selection and feedback tools that makes the 360 feedback itself become part of an employee’s engagement.

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Employee life cycle

Understand an employees’ engagement and working experience per stage of their employee life cycle and equip yourself with knowledge and tools to retain them. Choose one specific stage or create insight across all stages on a continuous and real time basis. From building your employer brand image to attracting students at a university campus, to exit interviews for outbound employees. Most used life cycle stages:

  1. Attraction and employer image
  2. Recruitment process
  3. Onboarding
  4. On the Job (after 3-6 months)
  5. Learning & development
  6. Retention & engagement
  7. Separation
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Get fast, instant and continuous insight into working experience using pulse feedback tools that last no longer than 30 seconds per review.

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Covid-19 working from home

Covid-19 is heavily impacting current working experience and is expected to structurally change the way we look at our day-to-day work going forward. Organisations that have gained insight into how workers feel due to Covid-19, are better prepared for a new normal. We help organisations better understand by surveying what their employees feel, how well they are equipped when working from home, what they miss and what the organisation can do to keep team spirit, bonding and productivity at highest level possible.

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Does your leadership set the example? Do they encourage learning & development and allow enough room for challenging? Many themes play an important role when assessing true leadership. We help you set the right question scripts that give meaningful data on actual leadership behaviour, perception and potential learnings.

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Organisational & process Experience

Analyse and improve processes and organisational dynamics through the eyes of its users.
Enhance standards through instant action planning and follow up tools.

Quality assurance, checklists and digital audits

One2Ten provides several digital input/output tools that save time by using real time checklists (online and offline) to monitor quality and control. Through real time dashboards one can instantly follow up through alerts and case management tooling and allocate assignments to the right people.

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Software readiness assessment

We provide software readiness surveys that dig into how users experience preparation, guidance, understanding and actual use of new software. As part of a performance agreement, or just as a stand-alone assessment on software implementation progress.

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Global Support satisfaction

One2Ten provides in-depth surveys that assess satisfaction levels on internal support levels within an organisation. A typical support satisfaction survey runs continuously, and gives instant board level insight into the level of support following below disciplines:

  • Sales & marketing support
  • Documentation and information quality support
  • Support accessibility and response time
  • Spare parts & claim handling support
  • Finance & admin support
  • Legal support
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Project satisfaction

Assessing the efficiency and satisfaction of a project through the eyes of a customer allows for better understanding with the customer, ability to learn from mistakes, and increase chance for new contracts. One2Ten offers several tailor-made project assessment tools that give insight into how satisfied customer stakeholder groups are on:

  1. Initiation of project,
  2. Project set up
  3. Actual execution
  4. Deliver and closure
  5. After care & performance contracts
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Enterprise Experience

Get enterprise level insight across pillars, departments and regions on global themes. Combine all experience management data into one platform and dashboard. Integrate own operational data to complete the enterprise level picture.

Digital mindset

Organisations around the world implement vast digital transformation plans to become more resilient in a digital future. However, it is not the IT Technology itself, but the imagination of those that need to deploy it, i.e., their digital mindset. One2Ten has helped organisation assess and understand the people skills and learning requirements needed to get digitally ready. Main topics:

  • Current use of Digital forces
  • Current skill set
  • Current learning material
  • People skills
  • Expected impact Digital
  • Learning needs
  • Motivation &b inspiration
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Wellbeing, diversity & inclusivity

Societal domains like wellbeing, diversity and inclusivity have attracted much more attention in the last years in understanding what drives team spirit, motivation and commitment within an organisation. One2Ten is very committed in playing a meaningful role by proving well thought of surveys on these topics. We keep ourselves up to date on current discussions and work closely with organisations that have a mutual interest in being diverse, inclusive and strive for equal wellbeing amongst people.

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Culture scan

Does your organization know your company values? And if so, do they live by them, both staff and leadership. At One2Ten we have developed a Company Values Monitor that gives organisations insight into the awareness, true understanding and actual behaviour of these values, and dives deeper into perception of the internal culture of the organisation. Through the eyes of staff, leadership and clients.

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Employer brand image

Looking to hire top talents from top universities, and interested to know if you are amongst their top three preferred employers? We help organizations assess their employer / company brand image by using easily accessible and inclusive feedback tools that give quick insight into the perception (potential) customers and employees have on your brand / company image.

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Our services

Guided services

We are here to assist

At One2Ten we like to work with your teams. Together we define objectives, create questionnaires, help manage the project, analyse data and design the final action planning tools. Our sector and product specialists are keen to setup, execute and manage your research project.


Initiate project

It all starts with listening and understanding your business and what sentiments play part in your industry, your stakeholders, your products and your people. Together we define objectives and project deliverables.


Script surveys

One2Ten explores what needs to be surveyed. It's about who, when and how. We script relevant questionnaires for your approval that matches respondent groups and themes. Together we make sure design, routing and content is attractive, adaptive and inspiring.


Execute field work

Let the fieldwork begin! We execute the surveys. We coordinate and assist when necessary. And we closely monitor response, so we can instantly adjust if necessary.


Report & analyse

One2Ten delivers dashboard reports, real time and tailor made. We help you interpret data and assist you in understanding what goes well, what can be done better, and what needs urgent attention.


Plan & act

We deliver case management tools that allow you to register, manage and track your improvement plans per team, region or manager. Create follow up tickets, and circle feedback back to respondents and provide internal and external updates.

Do it yourself

We help you connect

Not looking for all our guidance? That’s fine as well. We help you connect to our platform and stand ready for help when needed.

Do you want to learn more about the feedback solutions One2Ten offers?

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Customer Experience solutions

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Customer Experience markets

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Employee Experience

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Organisational & process Experience

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Enterprise Experience

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