Create instant experience management solutions for any complexity.

One2Ten experience management platform is very flexible, as it consists of agile building blocks. This enables us to build solutions that perfectly fit your organisation, end-to-end.

Our end-to-end experience platform

Gain end-to-end insights into your employees, customers, processes and organisation. Our platform consist of five main building blocks: invite portal, survey tooling, data intelligence, dashboard reporting and action planning.

Invite portal

Every experience is unique. So is its feedback.
Choose your own preferred distribution routes to your respondent groups. By bulk or through individual invites.

One2Ten’s invite portal allows you to freely select and direct the right set of questions, respondent groups and touch moments at which feedback is requested.

Survey tooling

At One2Ten we don’t believe in conventional, long and uninspiring questionnaires. In fact, giving feedback should be part of the overall experience that your customers and employees have.
That is why we have the following five principles:

  1. Ask questions per touch moment and per theme
  2. Use direct and honest questions aimed only at what truly matters
  3. Unfold the reason behind a score by using adaptive follow-up questions
  4. Apply intuitive and inclusive design
  5. Treat your customers and employees as true advisors rather than data points.

Data intelligence

At One2Ten we use smart analytics to enhance insight on feedback data. We will help you unfold the reasons behind the scores.

By analysing correlation, we will help you understand which sentiments matter most, and predict behavior going forward. We also integrate data from external sources to get an even more complete picture.

Data intelligence

Dashboard reporting

Our real time dashboards are the beginning of a new journey. Your teams and managers can easily identify what goes well, what can be improved, and what needs urgent attention. Triggering thoughts and ideas on how to improve.

All our dashboards are tailor-made and receive and report data in real time. The dashboards also consist of multidimensional filters, smart analytics and different access levels.

Action planning tools

After you have identified what to improve and what needs attention, the next step is action planning.

Register and manage your actions plans instantly in smart action planning tools, at managers and team level. Invite others to evaluate progress. Follow-up on feedback of your clients or employees with our ticketing system. Close the feedback loop by directly responding on them through different communication channels.

action planning tool

Our Clients

We work with organisations that have an intrinsic need to get better, every single day.

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