End-to-end Experience Management Platform

Bespoke platform

Built to adapt to complexity, our platform has five main building blocks. Agile and flexible to adjust to any situation, and capable of providing end-to-end enterprise level solutions. From gathering feedback, to internal and external data visualization, to complete action and case management tooling.

Five building blocks

Not looking for all modules? That’s fine, we help you connect to yours.

make feedback relevant again

Invite portal

Every experience is unique

So is its feedback. And its request. A customized invite portal allows one to freely choose the questions, the touch moment at which they are sent, the sender and the process and the time of sending them.

Survey tooling

Good questions inform, great questions transform

At One2Ten we don’t believe in conventional, long and uninspiring questionnaires. In fact, giving feedback should be part of the overall experience customers and employees have.We adhere to five main principles to make feedback relevant and attractive again:


Keep it short and simple​
Ask questions per touch moment and per theme, rather than the full customer journey all at once.


Ask only what matters
Use direct and honest questions aimed only at what truly matters. We don’t need to ask your highest level of education to understand how you feel.


Use adaptive question scripts
Unfold the reason behind a score by using adaptive follow up questions. For good and bad scores.


Apply intuitive and inclusive design
A ‘click & go’, easy and understandable routing and user-interface. In any language and through any feedback instrument.


Make it personal
Treat your customers and employees as true advisors rather than data points. Use a personal and attentive tone of voice that airs intrinsic interest in wanting to understand them.

Time for action

Data intelligence

Ask for more

Smart analytics to enhance insight on feedback data

Correlation & prediction
Understand which sentiments matter most, and predict behavior going forward.

Sentiment analysis
Use AI and machine learning tools to label and score open text remarks.

Data integration
Import and integrate external data from other sources to get a better and bigger picture

Dashboard reporting

Time for action

Our real time, tailor made dashboards are the beginning of a new journey.
Teams and managers see what goes well, what can be improved, and what needs urgent attention. Triggering thoughts and ideas on how to change things for the better.

Tailor made
Our dashboards are made to suit your and your business’ or sector’s needs. User defined, at group and at management level.

Real time
Data is captured and reported real time. Anywhere, anytime.

Multi dimensional filters
Apply filters at team, department, location, country and regional level, and filter on product, client group or discipline.

Smart analytics
Use smart analytics, AI and geo-mapping to get better overviews. Share your dashboard or export raw data any time.

Different access levels
Create different levels of access at individual, team, manager.

Action planning tools

Get it right instantly

Convert meaningful feedback into action plans

Improvement action plans Create instant improvement action plans. Register and manage your actions through pre-defined or free format action plans. Invite others to evaluate progress. Update status and report on progress of each plan.

Follow-up ticketing system
Input and manage follow up tickets per feedback item and per client. For any project, report on open, pending and closed tickets.

Closed Feedback loop
Circle feedback back to respondents. Enable direct communication through email, WhatsApp or SMS. Close feedback loop directly with your customer or employee.

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