Organisation & Process Experience

Take control of your processes and operations

Analyse and improve processes and organisational dynamics through the eyes of your users. Create a bigger support base for organisational changes by giving all your stakeholders a voice.

organisation & process

Our organisational and process experience solutions

Gain insights in your internal processes and organisational dynamics. Improve your internal processes and stimulate digital readiness by hearing out all involved parties.

Quality assurance, checklists and digital audits

We know that your organisation has all kinds of processes in place. Analysing and improving these processes will ensure higher quality, but also enables your organisation to meet digital audit standards.

One2Ten provides several tools to monitor quality and control. We help you save time by using real time checklists and dashboards. This enables you to instantly follow up.

Project satisfaction

Project satisfaction

Assessing the efficiency and satisfaction of a project through the eyes of your customer allows for improvement. It will enable your employees to learn from their mistakes, and increase opportunities for new contracts.

One2Ten offers several tailor-made project assessment tools that give insight into how satisfied customer stakeholder groups are. From initiation of a project to after-care and performance contracts.

Global support satisfaction

Internal support is for many organisations just as important as customer support. Sometimes customer support even depends on it. For example, spare parts & claim handling are indispensable for customer support.

One2Ten provides in-depth surveys that assess satisfaction levels on internal support levels within an organisation. Examples are sales & marketing support, finance & admin support and legal support.

Global support

“We finally understood what our suppliers really needed: more support and hands-on guidance. With these in place, we established better engagement with them"

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Learning from experience

Reading is everything.

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