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Get insights on an enterprise level about global themes

Themes as diversity and inclusiveness have gained more attention in recent years. Jobseekers even consider these themes important factors for choosing an employer. To become an attractive employer your organisation should take these themes into account.

enterprise experience

Our organisational and process experience solutions

Gain enterprise level insight across pillars, departments and regions on global themes. Combine all experience management data into one platform and dashboard to complete the enterprise level picture.

Digital mindset

Organisations around the world implement vast digital transformation plans to become more resilient in a digital future. However, it is not the IT Technology itself, but the imagination of those that need to deploy it, i.e., their digital mindset.
One2Ten has helped organisations assess and understand the people skills and learning requirements needed to get digitally ready.

digital mindset
Equity, diversity and inclusivity

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Societal domains like equality, diversity and inclusivity have attracted much more attention in the last years. It helps organisations understand what drives team spirit, motivation and commitment.

One2Ten is very committed in playing a meaningful role by proving well thought of surveys on these topics. We keep ourselves up to date on current discussions. Moreover, we work closely with organisations that have a mutual interest in being diverse, inclusive and strive for equal wellbeing amongst people.

Culture scan

Do your employees know your company values? And if so, do they live by them, both staff as company leaders?

At One2Ten we have developed a Company Values Monitor. This monitor gives organisations insights into the awareness, true understanding and actual execution of these values. Moreover, your organisation will gain a better understanding of your internal culture.

Culture scan
Employer brand image

Employer brand image

Looking to hire top talents from top universities? And are you interested to know if you are amongst their top three preferred employers?

One2Ten helps organizations assess their employer / company brand image. We use tools that give quick insight into the perception that (potential) customers have on your brand. Or how (potential) employees experience you employer branding.

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Learning from experience

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