Employee Experience

Become an attractive employer for your current and future employees

With more vacancies than job seekers it is important to create a great work environment to attract new talent, but also to reduce turnover of your employees.

Our employee experience solutions

Gain insights into the working experience of your employees. Not once every two years, but real-time and on a continuous basis. Learn what you are doing well, what you can improve and what needs immediate attention to create a great employee experience.

Employee engagement

Employees who are engaged in their work are more likely to be motivated and remain committed to their employer.

At One2Ten we create insight into the key drivers that make employees want to bind and commit themselves to your organisation. Not once in one or two years, but real-time and on a continuous basis.

360° feedback

360° feedback ensures that employees receive more and more constructive feedback. This will not only increase productivity of your employees, but will also increase the perception that all peers receive the same assessment.

You can include as many people as you want. Individuals, peers, managers or/and external clients. By including all these different stakeholders you will gain a better understanding of the skill sets at individual, team, leadership and enterprise level.

Employee life cycle

Understand your employees’ engagement and working experience at each stage of their employee life cycle. Make improvements to attract new talent and retain your current employees.

You can choose one specific stage to focus on, or create insights across all stages on a continuous and real time basis. From building your employer brand image to attracting students at a university campus, to exit interviews for outbound employees.

“Our client has never been more prepared for the changes induced by COVID. Thanks to One2Ten, they know exactly what their people want and can respond quickly to their fast-changing workplace requirements.”

- Colliers

More employee experience solutions

Do you want to retain your employees and attract new talent? The best ambassadors are your own employees, so start building a great employee experience.

COVID-19 working from home

Covid-19 is heavily impacting current working experience and is expected to structurally change the way we look at our day-to-day work going forward.

We help organisations better understand by surveying what their employees feel, how well they are equipped when working from home, what they miss and what the organisation can do to keep team spirit, bonding and productivity at the highest level possible.

COVID-19 working from home


Does your leadership set the example? Does it encourage learning & development and allow enough room for challenge?

Many themes play an important role when assessing true leadership. We help you set the right question scripts that give meaningful data on actual leadership behaviour, perception and potential learnings.


Supporting your employees to give feedback on a daily basis will create a transparent and open company culture. People will become more involved, as they feel heard.

One2Ten offers pulse feedback tools to help you gather fast, instant and continuous insights into the working experience of your employees. The reviews  last no longer than 30 seconds per review.

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