Are your students slipping through the cracks?

Student wellbeing is at an all-time low. Hybrid learning.
Uncertainty from covid-19. Increased social isolation.
Technological addiction.
And the constant reminder they must continue to perform academically despite these challenges. 

It’s students that you least expect to be struggling, that are most at risk.
The need to measure, track and improve your students’ wellbeing has never been more important.

Our Education Solution for Students, Parents and Teachers

We create for you an end-to-end platform that aligns with your school’s strategic and wellbeing objectives. You will be able to measure student wellbeing based on the latest neuroscience and psychology. You will be able to see how the wellbeing of individual students, year levels and the entire school are progressing. You will be able to intervene with at-risk students long before they start to struggle academically. And we do it all for you.

Better data. Better visibility. Better conversations.  

Improve your student’s wellbeing today. 

Neuroscience and Psychology Based Methodology

Each child’s perception of their wellbeing is unique. But the factors that influence wellbeing are not. Without understanding the true cause and effect levers of student wellbeing, it’s impossible to impact behaviour.

Our platform encompasses the latest psychological and neuroscience research to capture – in real time – the root causes that decrease student wellbeing.
This gives you a scientific picture of what is actually happening with your students, instead of what people think is happening. 

Multiple Touch Points, Multiple Stakeholders

Wellbeing changes daily. Not weekly, termly or yearly. That’s why bulky and infrequent wellbeing assessments don’t hit the mark. By the time you’ve identified who is struggling, it’s too late.

We strategically place short and sharp pulse surveys across the year, so you can flag students, parents and teachers the moment they’re at risk. On demand and on time, so you stay ahead of wellbeing issues before they arise.

Engaging Surveys

Most surveys are boring and students loathe to complete them. Wellbeing assessments are largely made on the fly, by people who don’t view it as their area of expertise. This takes time, energy and effort away from what teachers do best – teaching in the classroom.

Our flexible technology helps you create engaging, aesthetic and frictionless survey experiences that can be tailored to primary, secondary and tertiary students. This boosts response rates so your wellbeing data is accurate and representative. Say goodbye to 2% survey completion.

Tailored Dashboards and Visualisation

Where does all your student wellbeing data live? If you’re like the hundreds of schools we work with, it’s often in Excel sheets or PDFs buried in email inboxes. It’s lost and unactionable, meaning you can never turn data into insight, and insight into action.

We work with you to design bespoke dashboards that visualise your student wellbeing data the way you want it. Different views for different stakeholders and data that you can understand in seconds. This means the people who need this information have it when they need it, so they can plan effective intervention strategies.

Intervention Planning

What do you do once you understand your students’ wellbeing? If you don’t turn insight into action, then you lose a precious opportunity to coach, develop and help your students. 

Our real time alerts notify your staff of at-risk students, and bespoke action planning tools help your teachers intervene effectively with their students and have meaningful dialogue. A one-on-one conversation that makes students feel heard, appreciated and cared for.

Hundreds of LMS Integrations

Your school already has so many platforms to juggle across so many people. The last thing you want is to drown in technology that you seldom use.

We integrate with all your platforms, so data flows effortlessly to your own personalised dashboards. Student attendance, submitted work, parent feedback – you name it, all in one place. A central place of truth to understand, manage and impact school wellbeing.

Student Wellbeing Profile / Scorecard

Wellbeing can’t be measured in isolation. A more holistic approach is required to understand how non-academic measures influence academic outcomes.

We create a personalised profile for each student that brings data points from multiple sources. This creates a 360 degree view of their academic life. That way, students can see, feel in control and have agency to improve their emotional development.

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