Customer Experience

Understand what drives an excellent customer experience and stand out.

Every experience is unique. So is its feedback. Knowing and understanding what your customers think, when and why, enables you to steer better and increase loyalty, retention & recommendation.

Our customer experience solutions

Gain insights into what drives an excellent customer experience. A relationship, transaction and touch moment level. Discover why customers come back and why some don’t. Drive improvement through instant action planning and close feedback loops directly with customers.

Customer Relationship

To what extent are your customers happy with the relationship you have built, and how likely are they to recommend you to others? Analyse which customers are at risk, and which ones may still be won. Focus on key drivers that make them recommend your organisation or not.
Key Metrics: Adaptive NPS, CSAT.

Customer Transaction | Journey

How satisfied is the customer with the transaction, project or product and the journey it took? What went well, what could have been done better,  and what needs urgent attention? What are key drivers, how do they score and how important are they?
Key Metrics: TNPS, Adaptive CSAT, Key driver analysis

Customer Touch moments

How does the customer perceive the specific interaction moments as part of their journey? Did it live up to its expectations? Understand how different interactions add to a journey experience.
Key Metrics: CSAT, CES, FCR

Customer Touch moments

“We finally have an innovative & user-friendly tool that allows us to instantly respond and correct what needs urgent attention and apply more of things that are going well both at organization and at service level."

Customer experience markets

One2Ten manages customer experience solutions in varied markets. Through sector and product knowledge, we have built additional skills in industrial, professional, public and health care markets.

Industrial markets

One2Ten has developed customer satisfaction programs specific to industrial markets. Decisions in industrial markets often involve more stakeholders and are based on rational rather than emotional reasoning.

Professional markets

One2Ten offers multiple satisfaction programs that review how B2B customers experience legal, accounting & advisory firms in terms of their service delivery.

Public services

One2Ten provides feedback solutions to understand and improve customer perception in public services. We use multiple feedback tools and languages to match specific situations with varying stakeholders and respondent groups.

Health care

One2Ten provides multiple feedback solutions in health care markets. We have even been appointed by the Dutch state as one of their four providers in their Quality Improvement Program for Aged Care in The Netherlands.​

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