Bring back common sense in satisfaction

We are over-engineering satisfaction. We are getting lost in endless streams of data, complex theories & expensive advice. We tend to forget how customers, employees and operations are part of the same intention.

It’s time we bring back common sense to satisfaction. Simplify data, think straight forward and change our view.

Why focus on satisfaction?

Long-term company growth is built on having enough satisfied Customers, engaged Employees and Operational excellence.

Satisfaction importance

When You Have Enough Of It, It Is Your Fastest And Most Guaranteed Way Towards Recurring Business, New Business, And Recommended Business.
Reaping the benefits of satisfaction:

Satisfied Customers: will bring us recurring business, additional business and recommended business.
Engaged Employees: will bring us low employee attrition, increased productivity and easier talent attraction.
Operational Excellence: will bring us efficiency, high quality standards and an agile and adaptive profile.

Change your view

For too long have we been looking through our own pillars, rather than looking integrally across pillars

One2ten launches CEO canvas program

An integral benchmark tool to assess, analyse & steer satisfaction. For Customers, Employees and Operations.
Combining common sense with smart analytics for more understanding and better views.

CEO Canvas

An integral tool to assess and steer on satisfaction.
Real time understandable insight that uses common sense in defining key factors and sentiments that drive satisfaction of your customers, employees, and operations.
Save on expensive, complex advisory hours and spend it on the those who make satisfaction.

Benefits of CEO model:

  1. Use common sense thinking to understand satisfaction
  2. Re-arrange and simplify data into straight-forward findings
  3. Compare key satisfaction drivers in your company versus your peers & sector
  4. Predict impact on satisfaction and NPS through improved driver scores
  5. Instantly plan, execute and track improvement plans

CEO deployment: 3 steps in 3 months

1. Quick Scan

2. Deep Dive

3. Action Plan

Do you want a personal introduction to what the CEO score can do for you?​

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Learning from experience

Reading is everything.

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