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How difficult is it to recognize a good service? How much advise do you need before you can say: ‘Wow, that was excellent”?

We are over-engineering satisfaction. We are getting lost in endless streams of data, complex theories in combination with expensive advisory hours. As if we forgot what it takes to label a service as excellent.

It’s time we bring back common sense. Simplify data, change our view, and use common sense thinking in assessing and steering on satisfaction; on what goes well, what can be done better, and what needs urgent attention. 

With an overload of industrious marketing and experience management guru’s, we have forgotten what satisfaction all is about. It is in fact, when you have enough of it, your fastest and most guaranteed way towards recurring business, new business, and recommended business. 

But what makes satisfaction? Well, that’s where we need to change our view. At least most of us. Satisfaction is created by engaged employees that are fully enabled and supported to deliver excellence to customers. Or like Steve Jobs said: Happy employees make happy customers. We add another one: Happy (or excellent) Operations. Customers, Employees and Operations. A CEO should know.

Do you want a personal introduction to what the CEO score can do for you?

We advocate a change in view from and towards CEO. Rather than the vertical silo view where the chief commercial officers is looking at how to increase satisfaction of the companies’ customers, and deploys its own advisory, and the chief HR officer looking to increase the engagement of the companies’ work staff, and the chief operations officer looking to increase operational efficiency, why don’t we look horizontally and agree that they are all part of the same intention.
In One2Ten’s CEO approach we look at the key factors that drives customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operational excellence.

No more complex and intangible experience management definitions, endless data flows, 15 minutes survey scripts, and never-ending advisory hours @ $150-250 per hour.

Instead, we deliver you CEO. An international benchmarking tool to assess and steer on satisfaction. Real time and straight-forward understandable insight that uses common sense in defining key factors and underlying sentiments that drive satisfaction of your customers, employees, and operations. All in one solution to share with your CEO, CCO, CHRO and COO.

Start with plotting where your organization stands through a Quick Scan. See how satisfied, engaged, and excellent you are perceived to be versus your own assumptions, peers and industry. Next, unfold the key factors that drive satisfaction through a Deep Dive. See which drivers across your customers, employees and operations matters most and create the highest impact on overall satisfaction and NPS when you start improving them.

The full cycle takes less than 2 months and includes a Quick Scan and Deep Dive for Customers, Employees and Operations at 1/3 of costs of conventional satisfaction programs.

Join us in bringing back common sense, simplify data and change the view about satisfaction. Tell your CEO about our CEO

Do you want a personal introduction to what the CEO score can do for you?

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