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Understand what people think, when they think it and why.

Human beings are complex but collecting human data shouldn’t be that
complex. One2Ten Data Insight Solutions helps you ask questions that not
only inform but help transform.

The first step towards market leadership is to
Ask and Listen

Uncover hidden answers so you can take better decisions and stand out. ​

About Us

One2Ten Data Insight Solutions is an end-to-end experience management firm specializing in data gathering, data analysis, data recommendation and action planning for professional organizations. We collect data via adaptive questionnaires, provide insights and help you action this data to close the loop.​​
Founded in 2014 by a team of dedicated business professionals, One2Ten is driven by the belief that feedback is the catalyst for all meaningful change. Without feedback we don’t evolve.


No matter who you are, where you are or what business you are in, we can help you. We are an innovative platform that specialise in data gathering, data analysis, data recommendation and action planning. We use tools backed by advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and recommendation models taking data analysis to the next level. Some popular use cases of our solutions –​

Customer Experience

Enhance and optimize every aspect of a customer’s interaction with your company or brand

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Commercial Growth

Shape your company’s growth trajectory, driving revenue and ensuring sustainable commercial success

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Maximize customer engagement while generating new leads for business growth

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Advance knowledge in your specific field or industry and collect quality data

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Human Resources
Manager/Business Partner​

Create an environment where employees can thrive and contribute to the organization’s success

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Chief Operating

Translate strategic objectives into operational realities

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Ensure efficient and effective operations of your company’s physical environment

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How we work

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Managed Services

Quick Streamlined Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

In this segment we manage everything for you end-to-end. A dedicated team will be with you throughout the process and co-create content, dashboards and portals.

  • Initiate Project
  • Scripting and data model
  • Field work
  • Report & analyze
  • Predict & prioritize
  • Act & inhance

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Partnership Services

Collaborative Excellence for Lasting Success

We can be your trusted technology partner in delivering exceptional client service.

Looking for a seamless collaboration for research, collecting feedback or any other ad-hoc information?

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Guided Services

Flexibility at your

In this segment, we handle the entire process for you. Once the project is live, you have the flexibility to make certain changes independently, without requiring our assistance.

We grant you access to the online tool, empowering you to modify specific sections at your convenience.

Why One2Ten

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Our solutions and approach are tailored to your needs, adapting to your businesses, units, products, employees, and models. We can either guide you through or handle the work for you.

Expert Data

  • We specialize in data collection, analysis, and actionable insights. ​
  • Our expertise ensures quality data collection, thorough analysis, and a clear list of actionable items.
  • With the One2Ten solution, you gain insights into what requires urgent attention, areas for improvement, and what is performing well.


  • Regardless of your chosen arrangement, we offer continuous support.
  • Our services encompass end-to-end guidance and collaboration at every stage, including questionnaire building, journey mapping, and dashboard analysis.

Everything in

  • Real-time data analysis is accessible, with immediate alerts sent for low ratings or completed actions by respondents.
  • This real-time feedback saves valuable time and enhances in-the-moment experience management.


Our main objective is continuous improvement. We offer instant action planning tools for root cause analysis, facilitating the management and tracking of improvement plans at both team and manager levels.

Future-proof &
Innovative Solution

We offer innovative and straightforward solutions for complex problems. Constantly evolving, our solution scales with the growth of your business.

Hear it from our customers

We work with organizations that have an intrinsic need to get better, every single day.

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“We have more data than ever before. One2ten data helps us re-define customer experience & achieve greater level of customer engagement.”

-Executive Director, Customer Experience &
Services, UOB Singapore

“Monitoring real time satisfaction form our clients enables us to react faster and sometimes even prevent things going wrong. The fact that we listen to our clients makes them and us more engaged, which benefits all of us.”​

Senior Project Manager, RvB

“One2Ten gave us the extremely client friendly tooling that we were looking for. They helped us with technology as well their expertise to get the high response that we were aiming for. ”


"We finally understood what our suppliers really needed: more support and hands-on guidance. With these in place, we established better engagement with them"


“We were amazed to see the inefficiencies in our operating model. One2Ten along with KPMG helped us reduce our cost to income ratio & increased activities that grow our AUM”​

-BNP Paribas

“We never had this much information about how our users feel. There is so much that can be done with this data. Thanks to One2Ten for streamlining our improvement initiatives“​

-Deloitte University

“We finally have an innovative & user-friendly tool that allows us to instantly respond and correct what needs urgent attention and apply more of things that are going well both at organization and at service level."​

-Senior Director, FMHaaglanden​

“I find it hard to share my feelings. I am afraid to share things because I often feel alone. I'm afraid if I share this part it gets worse. Now I can share it with this device and I hope this can help.”​

-Student under the Eigenwijzr
measurement program ​

“We can finally see a program in place that can help transform ADB digitally . We will soon be ready to take on Asia Pacific & fulfill our vision of Strategy 2030”​

-Director, Business Relationships
& Information, ADB​

“We have more data than ever before. One2ten data helps us re-define our competitor takeover, customer engagement & commercial strategies. The value generated so far has been
mind-blowing ”​

- Director, Regional Marketing &
Scientific Affairs, Sysmex APAC​

“The speed at which Covid is being controlled means more workers are coming back to office faster. Its important for us to understand what they expect, how often they will use physical office space, and what they want from their ‘new’ workplace. By being on top of it, we can respond and facilitate as needed, all in real time. “​

-Senior Project Manager,

“We have never been more prepared to provide for the changes induced by COVID. Thanks to One2Ten, we now exactly know what our people want and can respond quickly to their fast-changing workplace requirements.”​

-City of Amsterdam council​

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