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End-to-end Experience Management Platform

What we do

One2Ten delivers end-to-end customer and employee experience solutions for professional organizations. In that, we help you set objectives, build survey scripts, manage and execute fieldwork, interpret feedback data and enable effective action planning and case management tools. So you can make the right decision, every day.

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Our solutions and products

Customer Experience

Get insight into what drives customer behaviour and how they can be engaged better. Achieve greater growth through instant and joint action planning and closed feedback loops.

  • Customers’ voice
  • Relational & transactional NPS
  • Market research

Employee Experience

Measure and improve the working experience of your employees. Not once every two years, but on a continuous and real time basis. For teams, managers & leadership.
  • Employee engagement
  • Pulse
  • 360 Feedback
  • Employee life cycle
  • Leadership
  • Covid-19 Working from home

Organisation & process Experience

Analyse and improve perception of processes and organisation through the eyes of its users. Enhance standards through instant action planning and follow up.

  • Quality assurance & checklists
  • Software readiness assessment
  • Internal support satisfaction
  • Project satisfaction

Enterprise Experience

Get enterprise level oversight across departments and regions on global themes. Gather all experience management data into one platform and consolidate across pillars.

  • Digital mindset
  • Wellbeing, diversity & inclusivity
  • Culture scan
  • Employer brand image

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Let’s make feedback relevant again

Feedback. It’s the heart and start of all change.
For feedback makes us understand what goes right and what goes wrong. So, we can act on it, make changes and improve. At home and at work.

Good questions inform, great questions transform. At One2Ten we believe in valuable feedback that is more than just a smiley. We use intuitive, direct and adaptive question scripts that unfold reasons behind a score and speak the language of your response groups. Whether you are a nurse, a student, a customer, a patient, an employee, a professor or an elderly citizen

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Data intelligence

This is where the real work starts

Our real time, tailor made dashboards highlight what goes well, what can be improved, and what needs urgent attention. Triggering thoughts and ideas on how experience can be enhanced.

Use smart analytics like correlation, prediction and sentiment analysis on open text (AI). Filter on multiple data dimensions like location, client or product group and manage access based on roles.

Action planning

Plan for improvement instantly

Convert feedback into action. We provide in-depth action planning and case management tools that let you register, manage and track action plans. Create instant follow up tickets and close the feedback loops with customers and employees.

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Bespoke platform

An in-house developed experience management platform. Our stand-alone building blocks instantly adapt to complexity and can deliver feedback solutions for every situation, sector or value chain. And if not, we build it!

We are here to help

At One2Ten we like to work with your teams. Our sector-based product experts will guide you and build end-to-end solutions that match the specific situation of your industry, location and respondent groups. And we deliver those tools in a matter of days. In case you don’t need all our guidance. That’s fine as well. We will connect you to our platform and help you whenever needed.

End-to-end solutions

Experience management is more than just collecting feedback. The real work starts when teams and managers start looking at dashboards to understand what goes well, what can be done better, and what needs urgent attention. And then use that knowledge to jointly input action plans that drive actual improvement. Only then, in an end-to-end solution, feedback ends up being meaningful, for both the organization, its customers and its employees.

Forward thinking clients

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