we believe in gather analyze integrate predict report Data.

Human data.

One2Ten delivers feedback and data solutions to improve your organisation.

One2Ten delivers end-to-end customer and employee experience solutions for organisations. We help you understand what people think, when and why.

Our feedback and data solutions

Feedback, it’s the heart and start of all change. Without feedback we do not evolve. It makes us understand and act on what needs urgent attention, what we can improve, and what goes well.

Customer experience

Gain insight into what drives an excellent customer experience. Understand and steer on why customers come back, and some don’t.

Employee experience

Improve the working experience of your employees by valuable insights. Build a company people want to work for.

Organisation and process experience

Analyse and improve perception of the organisation and its processes through the eyes of its users.

Enterprise experience

Get enterprise level oversight across departments and regions on global themes, such as equity, diversity and inclusion.

“The speed at which Covid is being controlled means more workers are coming back to the office faster. The real time survey and data reporting tool of One2Ten helps us to understand what our employees expect, how often they will use physical office space, and what their needs are for a ‘new’ workplace.”

- Senior Project manager, FMHaaglanden​

Our Approach

Data intelligence

Our real time, tailor made dashboards highlight what goes well, what can be improved, and what needs urgent attention. Use smart analytics like correlation, prediction and sentiment analysis on open text answers (AI). Filter on multiple data dimensions like location, client or product group to get the most out of your data.

action planning tool

Action planning

Convert feedback into action. We provide in-depth action planning and case management tools that let you register, manage and track action plans. Create instant follow-up tickets and close the feedback loops with customers and employees.

Our Clients

We work with organisations that have an intrinsic need to get better, every single day.

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Learning from experience

Reading is everything.

Improving operational efficiency by measuring experience – Sysmex

Facility management satisfaction in public sector – FM-Haaglanden

Citizen debt assistance satisfaction – Purpose

Central Government Real Estate agency satisfaction

CX – Van Leeuwen

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